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Documentation / How to use

Subject hierarchy

Subject hierarchy

Products are organized into groups called Subjects. The tree hierarchy of subjects is available in the left part of the screen. Subjects hierarchies can be opened, closed and explored by clicking on them.

Sorting and filtering of products

Filtering products

Products can be sorted by clicking on a column header. If filtering is needed, use the field above the products. The value is searched in the column, which is currently sorted.

Adding products

Adding products

Products can be added to a quote by double-clicking the product in the list, by pressing the button with the "Down arrow" or by drag-and-drop method. When using the button, you can move more products at a time. Multiple products can be chosen with Ctrl or Shift keys being pressed.

When a product is already added to the quote, it can be added again as a next line, although changing of the product count can be more suitable in some cases.

Adding of a product to a quote for the first time can take a while. Adding of other products is then faster.

Write-in product

Adding a write-in product A write-in product in a quote

If you want to place a product on a quote which isn’t in your pricelist, click on the “New write-in product” button. A simple dialog window appears for adding such a product. Write-in products are marked in a list of quote products by italic font. You can edit them by double-clicking on them.

Adjusting a quote

Sorting products

As soon as the products are added to the quote, you can easily manipulate them. A product count/amount can be changed in the field in the list. A product price for the particular quote can changed very quickly as well. The sequence of products on a quote can easily be changed by marking the product (by clicking) and then by clicking the button with the arrow sign "up" or "down" on the right side of the list.


Total price

After changing a price, an amount or a discount on the product line, total prices are recalculated (the line total and the total price of the quote).

Saving a quote


Changes made are saved to CRM (and are visible to other users) after clicking on the Save button. If you leave the window without saving, there is an opportunity to preserve the unfinished quote data in a computer’s cache for the next session. Later, when working again on the same quote, you can recover the data from the cache. Nevertheless, if you have set the Option "Directly save changes" in the Preferences to "Yes", it is no longer needed to click on the Save button and all changes are being saved into CRM database immediatelly.

Removing products


Products are removed from a quote by marking them and using the Remove product button. Multiple products can be marked at the same time as well.



If you want to discard the changes you have made during the work with the CRM Quick Quote and which are not yet saved, just use the Refresh button in the bottom part of the Add-On to reload the data from the CRM database.



Preferences can be set and saved by clicking on "Preferences" button in the bottom part of the Add-On.



A log is available in the left bottom part of the window. If you encounter any troubles with the Add-On, this log can help you identify possible causes as either problems with the network or as an error on the server itself. By clicking on Log, its content can be saved to your harddisk and sent to your system administrator or to us as a part of a support request.