CRM Smart Add-Ons : Quick Quote Round Route NNRel

Frequently Asked Questions

I have inserted a license key but the product still appears as in the trial mode.
It is absolutely important to copy/paste the license key exactly as it is sent by an e-mail. Without any extra characters, spaces etc. Also it is very important to fill in correctly a CRM organization unique name during the purchase process. It is case sensitive! As a last step, according to the manual, you need to allow every user individually (via the checkbox on the user's form) to be able to use the full version of the Add-On.
Is it possible to use quick quote functionality (the rapid line item entry) on other entities, like opportunities or orders?
Yes, it is possible to use it the same way on opportunities and orders.
Is it possible and how easy is it to modify the columns in quick quote selected products? We use a lot of write in products and we need to add a description as well as a product part number.
Currently it is not possible to modify the columns of the quote products (the bottom view). But this feature is planned to the next versions.
How do you handle kits?
From version 1.6 it is possible to handle the kits. The kit product is labeled by an icon in the view. When you want to add the kit to the quote, you are asked whether to add the kit product itself or all the products related to the kit alltogether.
Does this product work in the offline client for Outlook?
Yes, this Add-On works in Outlook client in offline mode.
I do not see any product with empty subject field. Am I doing something wrong?
Unless you check the "Search all products" checkbox, you cannot see products without subject, because the products are primarily listed according the selected subject in the subject tree.
I would like to ask you where you can see the end price of the quote, depending on calculation with VAT?
Currently, it is not possible to enter tax (VAT) field in the quote product line. We plan to handle it in the future.
Does your software allow you to print the quotation? We want to have a simple option for our sales team to print the quote and email to customer.
Yes, our Add-On allows printing the quote/order report with one click from the version 1.7.0. The name of the report (the CRM default or the custom one) is stored in the user's configuration.
Are there any issues with Unicode characters such as French accented characters?
No, it is possible to input all special characters from various charsets.
After clicking on the Print PDF button, I can see the percentage of the report being prepared, but no E-mail window pops up.
You should allow the pop up windows for your CRM domain in your browser.
I have thousands of products in the product catalogue, but in the Quick Quote I can see only a small portion of them.
Only the products in the selected pricelist are shown. You have to prepare a pricelist, first.
Does the Add-On work in Microsoft CRM Online?
It works with both version - On Premise and Online.