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Quick Quote is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-On for simplifying and streamlining the process of preparing quotes, orders, or opportunities with products. Foremost, it helps companies who have many products in their pricelist and many quotes being issued.

This Add-On enhances the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM which can be insufficient for some types of businesses.

The installation of the Add-On to Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easy and straightforward.

The Add-On is currently available in English and Czech language. Due to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system of plug-in installation, it isn’t possible to make alternate language files easily accessible. However, if you would like to have the Add-On in your language, feel free to contact us.


  • Convenient addition of products into a quote without opening any other windows.
  • Fast browsing for products in the tree hierarchy of Subjects.
  • Fast filtering and sorting of products based on the product’s name, ID or other fields.
  • Simple insertion of multiple products into a quote at the same time.
  • Easy and quick changing of the sequence of products in a quote.
  • Fast and easy changing of product count/amount in a quote.
  • Manual discounts can be easily added to quote items.
  • Bulk applying % of markup or margin on selected quote products.
  • An immediate overview of the current total price after every change to a quote.
  • Quick adding and editing of write-in products (products which are not included in your price lists).
  • Working with Kit products which goes beyond the limits of the standard CRM.
  • A button to create CRM e-mail with quote as a PDF attachment. The PDF file is created using selected report from your CRM.
  • Preferences can be saved for individuals, or for whole organization.
  • The Add-On works in both Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and 2013.
  • The Add-On works in both Microsoft Dynamics CRM On Premise and Online.
  • The Add-On is displayed in a separate section of the quote form.
  • The Add-On fits into Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface style.
  • It adjusts itself to the size of the window.
  • We can prepare a tailor-made solution based on this Add-On for you.
Quick Quote